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Aeon Tennocho Shopping Center will open on October 18, 2022

“Aeon Tennocho Shopping Center” will open on Tuesday, October 18th in Hodogaya Ward, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture. Anchor store offering the only one-stop shopping in the area. This is an “experience-based lifestyle shopping center” that utilizes the wide range of business development of Aeon Retail Co., Ltd. to enrich the lives of local customers with products and services that meet the needs of a wide range of customers regardless of age.

Aeon Tennocho Shopping Center

In addition, throughout the entire building, they has reflected the “voices” of customers and employees they has received so far, enhanced the development of fresh food, incorporated cafes and food courts, etc., and pursued a comfortable space in addition to convenience.

Features of Aeon Tennocho Shopping Center

Bringing together the latest formats of AEON Retail

The first attempt to combine sportswear, shoes and a fitness club

Aeon Retail’s sports clothing brand “Sposium” and machine gym “SFIT”, and sports and outdoor shoes developed by G Foot Co., Ltd., which is responsible for sales of shoes in the group, will be developed for the first time in Japan.

The first attempt to combine sportswear, shoes and a fitness club

Aeon Tennocho will prepare a wide range of products and experiences that propose the realization of a healthy and rich life through sports, not only for those who practice gyms and running, but also for those who are about to start.

In addition, they are planning to hold hands-on events such as physical measurement sessions and walking measurement to promote health and sports, and in December, we plan to implement “plogging”, which involves picking up trash while jogging, in the neighboring area. They will revitalize the region with initiatives that contribute to society while doing so.

Provides “Proposal type” sales floor of frozen foods

With the increasing interest in frozen food, Aeon Tennocho Shopping Center offers a proposal-type frozen food sales floor. They will carefully select popular foods from “Ore no Co., Ltd.”, “Ore no Italian” and “Ore no French”, which are famous for their food that uses high-quality ingredients generously, and sell them as “AEON Retail Limited Products” as commercial frozen foods.

Frozen Foods Area

In addition, they plan to increase and expand the lineup of frozen gyoza dumplings, which are popular all over the country, as well as Yoseigo in Yokohama Chinatown.

New Counseling Cosmetics Floor to Respond to Diversifying Needs

In the counseling cosmetics sales floor, it will provide a new sales floor that is equipped with both a space where customers can relax while receiving customer service and purchase cosmetics, and a space where customers can choose and purchase products themselves.

In response to requests such as “I want to find a product that suits me” or “I want to compare with other products”, their professional beauty staff will ask you about your skin condition and preferences. They will carefully introduce cosmetics and care methods that meet your needs.

“Smart Life Corner” that integrates mobile, home appliances, and renovation

Wearable digital terminals such as mobile phones, tablets, and watches are supported mainly by millennials, who are called digital natives, and generation Z, and IoT home appliances that can be operated remotely or by calling are becoming established.

"Smart Life Corner" that integrates mobile, home appliances, and renovation

Aeon Tennocho will newly develop a complex sales floor “Smart Life Corner” that proposes such lifestyle evolution. It will be a sales floor where you can “experience” by demonstrating and trying out the equipment.

Smarter employee workstyles and seamless shopping experience with OMO (integration of online and offline)

Smarter employee workstyles and seamless shopping experience with OMO (integration of online and offline)

Since its opening in 1977, the Aeon Tennocho Store (hereinafter referred to as the old store) has been patronized by many customers as the only commercial facility in the area where one-stop shopping is possible. Since its opening in 1977, the Aeon Tennocho Store (hereinafter referred to as the old store) has been patronized by many customers as the only commercial facility in the area where one-stop shopping is possible.

Approximately 80 units of digital signage to maximize the appeal of products and sales floors

Approximately 80 units of digital signage to maximize the appeal of products and sales floors

About 80 digital signage units installed in the sales floor will transmit not only product information but also information rooted in the region, such as “seasonal information” and “History of Tennocho” at the time of the grand opening.

Providing a “seamless shopping experience” that allows you to freely order and receive “online or in real life”

Providing a “seamless shopping experience” that allows you to freely order and receive “online or in real life”

With the spread of communication terminals and changes in lifestyles, shopping methods are diversifying. In order to promote OMO (an initiative to integrate online and offline), Aeon Tennocho aim to develop a system that allows ordering and receiving without feeling the barrier between the Internet and physical stores.

“Food & Wellness” section where food and daily necessities are available at one stop

Aeon Tennocho is a next-generation smart store that adds “employee work style DX” to the efforts at “Aeon Style Kawaguchi”, which opened in May 2021. By using the automatic work plan creation system “AI Work”, it will reduce the planning work and improve the service. Employees can submit work requests and check work shifts from their own smartphones, making for a more comfortable work style.

In addition, using the information sharing tool “MaI Board”, it will conduct appropriate sales floor management based on real-time information, enhance team strength, and lead to smart work styles that reduce overburden, waste, and unevenness.

Since the store is located where customers live, it will develop products and services that meet their needs as a store that requires an expanded product lineup and services for everyday use. For example, they will expand the lineup of frequently purchased fresh and frozen foods, and expand the range of products made in Yokohama and from Yokohama with the keyword of our hometown, Yokohama. In addition, we will also provide shops and corners that propose new foods.

Providing a full range of “food” from and originating in Yokohama

Aeon Tennocho will further expand the “Yokohama City” local vegetables corner, which is delivered directly to the store by producers, from the old store. In addition to the vegetables produced in Kohoku Ward, Yokohama City, they will add new vegetables directly delivered from Yokohama City such as Izumi Ward to further enhance the product lineup.

The variety of vegetables available varies according to the season, such as spinach and Japanese mustard spinach, which are produced in large quantities in the city.

Providing a full range of “food” from and originating in Yokohama

A corner will be set up for the branded pork “Hamabuta” originating in Izumi Ward, Yokohama City. “Hamabuta”, raised on a farm in Izumi Ward, Yokohama, on feed with added bread, is characterized by its light, flavorful fat that melts in your mouth and its soft texture.

The corner offer 12 types, including slices that are easy to use for cooking, yakiniku, ginger-grilled pork, and pork rice bowls, at the Hamabuta corner of the livestock sales floor.

Yokohama Foods
Food originating in Yokohama

They offer “Ketchup Neapolitan” originating in Yokohama, which was born in Yokohama shortly after the end of the war and is still loved by many people.

At the teppanyaki corner, you’ll find spaghetti with onions, green peppers, mushrooms, and bacon stir-fried on an iron plate, using 2.2mm extra-thick noodles, which are said to enhance the flavor when ketchup is added.

In addition to the product lineup of “Pork Ginger Grilled Heavy (using Hamalid)” using “Hamalid”, they will offer “Kamakura Ham Cutlet with Seaweed Bento” using Kamakura Ham.

Yokohama Craft Beer
Yokohama Craft Beer

At the sake specialty store “AEON Liquor”, it will expand the unique craft beer made with care in a small brewery. As an example, it will newly develop craft beer from “Number Nine Brewery”, a brewery on the sea in Minato Mirai, Yokohama.

In addition, they offer local Yokohama craft beer such as “Yokohama Beer” and “Yokohama Bay Brewing”, as well as about 200 types of craft beer from Kanagawa Prefecture, all over Japan, and around the world. In addition, assuming a life scene with wine, it will prepare Japanese wine, mainly imported famous wine and Yamanashi wine.

Yokohama Taniya

For more than 40 years since its establishment, “Yokohama Taniya”, which wholesales high-end ingredients, mainly fish roe, also has a store in the nearby Kofukuji Matsubara shopping district. One of its flagship products, “Yokohama Mentai,” will be sold at this shopping center.

Yokohama Taniya

Cod roe carefully selected by a professional fish roe is marinated in authentic Hakata sauce from Kyushu, and fresh chili peppers from Totsuka Ward, Yokohama City are added to create a unique flavor.

Yokohama Sweets
Yokohama Sweets

We will meet the needs of those who want to buy sweets unique to Yokohama for gifts and home use at a store near them. In addition to offering the baked confectionery “Biscout” from “Bashamichi Jubankan”, which has been popular in Yokohama for a long time, we have a selection of his sweets from “Mutekiro” and “Kourouan Koroan” in Motomachi, Yokohama.

In addition, sweets from Kanagawa prefecture such as Kamakura half moon from Kamakura Goro Main Store will be available.

Proposing new “food” to customers in Tennocho

Cafe Lante was born for women in their 30s to 60s who are interested in the joy of food, and is a “food select shop” that collects about 3,000 types of food from about 60 countries around the world, including Japan.

For the first time in our company, they will introduce frozen bread provided at the hotel. In addition to “Butter in Bretzel”, it will also newly develop semi-fresh sweets such as Baumkuchen and financiers that can be used for gifts and daily tea time, as well as Western-style frozen sweets such as croissant donuts and cinnamon rolls.

Cafe Lante

They offer specialty side dishes “A label deli.” It is a carefully selected side dish “A label deli” characterized by “authentic deliciousness” at the level of eating out and “depth and breadth of product lineup” that realizes encounters with new foods.

They offer specialty side dishes “A label deli.” It is a carefully selected side dish “A label deli” characterized by “authentic deliciousness” at the level of eating out and “depth and breadth of product lineup” that realizes encounters with new foods. There is a carefully selected selection of products, such as “In-house made demi and red wine fragrant beef stew” using a rich demi sauce, and “Plump shrimp chili finished with tomato flavor and soy sauce” with chili sauce mixed with large shrimp.

A label deli.

At the “Reward Kitchen” face-to-face sales corner for side dishes, we will newly offer salads using ingredients from Kanagawa Prefecture. Misaki tuna and rich, creamy avocado are used to create a Chinese-style salad with a rich sesame aroma. They also offer a salad of roast beef, which Reward Kitchen proudly recommends, fragrantly finished with green onions and sesame oil. On the hot side dish menu, it provides “Lasagna al Forno – Supreme Lasagna” is made by adding pasta dough from “Barilla”, 4 kinds of sauce (Americane, meat, bechamel, tomato), and plenty of cheese and baking it to a smooth texture.

Reward Kitchen
Reward Kitchen
Aeon Flower Specialty Store “Reposer Fleur”

Develop Aeon Flower Specialty Store “Reposer Fleur”. In recent years, more and more people want to decorate their homes with flowers and greenery for teleworking. Therefore, Reposer Fleur propose a life with flowers under the theme of “decorating seasonal flowers to enrich your daily time at home”.

Reposer Fleur

They offer a style where customers can choose their favorite flowers one by one, and also make bouquets and arrangements for birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

Permanent sales floor for marine products from Fukushima Prefecture “Fukushima Sengyobin”
Permanent sales floor for marine products from Fukushima Prefecture "Fukushima Sengyobin"

As part of efforts to support the reconstruction of the fishery industry in Fukushima Prefecture, Fukushima Prefecture, the Fukushima Prefecture Federation of Fisheries Cooperative Associations, and Aeon Retail will jointly operate a permanent sales floor for Fukushima-produced seafood, “Fukushima Sengyobin (fresh fish delivery),” for the first time in Kanagawa Prefecture.

The seafood caught off the coast of Fukushima Prefecture is delivered directly to the store, and the specialized staff will propose recommended cooking methods and recipes. “Fukushima Sengyobin (fresh fish delivery)” has been permanently installed in 14 stores, starting with 5 “AEON” and “AEON STYLE” stores in Tokyo and Saitama in 2018. (As of September 2, 2022)

Inheriting the tradition and offering products that are supported by the old store

Organic vegetables are a field in which there is a demand for an enhanced product lineup, as sales of organic vegetables have grown approximately 2.5 times over the past five years in response to growing interest in health consciousness and environmental considerations.

Therefore, in addition to Aeon’s brand “Top Vale Green Eye”, vegetables from organic JAS certified farms in Kanagawa Prefecture will be gradually expanded.

Organic Vegetables
Organic Vegetables

Organic vegetables from NO-RA, a farm in Aikawa-cho, Aiko-gun, and Ikasu Co., Ltd., which cultivates organic vegetables in Hiratsuka City, will be available from around November when the harvest will begin in earnest.

Fresh fish face-to-face corner

Aeon Tennocho will develop the largest fresh fish face-to-face corner in Aeon, where it will have a selection of seasonal fresh fish and provide cooking services according to your request. They will sell fresh fish caught early in the morning at Odawara fishing port as “Fresh fish caught in the morning”. In addition, it will expand our sushi menu using fresh fish procured on the same day.

In response to the needs of customers who want to eat delicious meat on special days and buy only the amount of food they want to eat, Aeon Tennocho will develop a face-to-face corner of meat that has been supported by customers. It has a wide range of products such as Japanese black beef for yakiniku, horumon, shabu-shabu and sukiyaki.

Face-to-face at meat corner
Face-to-face at meat corner

For pork, they offer “Shonan pork” from Kanagawa prefecture raised on feed with olives added. They also respond to requests such as furoshiki wrapping services for gifts.

Continuing to sell Japanese sweets
Continuing to sell Japanese sweets

Aeon Tennocho will continue to provides Japanese sweets that were supported in the old store era. Kashou Suzuki, located in Asahi Ward, Yokohama City, is a long-established store that makes Japanese confectionery that combines tradition and innovation with the skills of craftsmen who have inherited the techniques. They will sell an assortment of “Meiji Jingu Confectionery” Monaka and “Yaki Soy Sauce Daifuku”.

A fulfilling cosmetics section and a drug corner that fulfills health and wellness

A fulfilling cosmetics section and a drug corner that fulfills health and wellness

There will be a single makeup corner and an Asian cosmetics corner that incorporate items such as the 500-yen cosmetics “Kirei & Co” and the much-talked-about “Love Liner.”

In addition, in order to meet the diverse needs of our customers, Aeon Tennocho offer genderless cosmetics “COPERNICA Copernica”, organic cosmetics “Weleda”, and clean beauty cosmetics “Yves Rocher” that focuses on the power of plants based on plant ingredients.

In addition, they will prepare a tie-up project with the beauty review app “LIPS Lips”, which has 8.5 million app downloads.

Skincare Cosmetics

In the skincare product corner, Aeon Tennocho will newly offer hand creams and body soaps containing “CICA”, which is attracting attention as a hand skin care. In hair care, it will propose trendy products recommended by employees, such as “Ullis,” “Ceratis,” and “fino.”

They also have a wide selection of proteins, which are attracting attention for various purposes such as beauty and health, and body makeup, to support your body maintenance.

Collaborating with local communities to become a trusted “family pharmacy”

Medicine Locker
Medicine Locker

At the Aeon Pharmacy Tennocho store, they will set up a medicine locker where you can receive your medicine at your favorite time while avoiding contact. You can pick it up anytime during store hours.

In addition to holding regular free consultations on medicine and health, you can receive medicine while at home by combining home visits and online medication guidance with “same-day delivery”.

In addition, Aeon Pharmacy Tennocho store have introduced three dispensing robots* to automate the preparation of tablets, powders, and syrups to enhance medication guidance.

pocket pharmacy

By sending a photo of the prescription to a smartphone, they have introduced a “pocket pharmacy” that informs the completion of the medicine, so that you can make effective use of your time, such as shopping while waiting for the dispensing.

Smart life corner and daily necessities for local living

On the lifestyle and culture floor on the 2nd floor, Aeon Tennocho will newly develop a complex sales floor “Smart Life Corner” that offers mobile terminals, IoT IoT appliances, and AI appliances, and proposes a lifestyle that incorporates the advantages of digital.

smart life area

Renovation sales floor (left) | IoT home appliance corner (center) | AV equipment corner (right)

A fulfilling bedding corner, storage products, storage accessories, and interior miscellaneous goods

In the bedding corner that offers a “comfortable sleep”, this flower has a lineup of popular brand bedding, centered on affordable AEON brand “Home Cody” products. In addition to exhibits that can be tried by yourself, knowledgeable customer service staff who can explain functions and give advice on how to use will be deployed to develop a bedding sales floor where you can shop without stress.

Bedding Corner
Home Coordy

They will strengthen the handling of storage goods and storage accessories that can be used for “storage”, and interior goods that provide a little change in daily life, helping you to refresh your mood and improve your life.

Aeon Tennocho has a wide variety of school supplies to support school life. They will develop the latest sales floor for lunch goods and mug bottles that meet the demands of school children, and will have a lineup of products that meet trend needs, including bottles with simple designs that are easy to carry.

Home Coordy

In addition to stationery necessary for school, desk storage such as file boxes that are convenient for home study are also available to support a comfortable school life.

“Kids & Family Fashion & Sports” to support lively lifestyles

On the 3rd floor, it will develop sales floors for fashion, kids, and sports that support a lively lifestyle. This floor will create a sense of unity through the space and sales floor layout that is conscious of natural colors.


Family fashion for modern lifestyles

ESSEME is a women’s brand with a feminine taste that incorporates trends. It is particular about materials and silhouettes, and develop products that are easy to care for.

Apparel Brands

Genema Man, a brand for ladies and gentlemen, proposes fashion for a generation that enjoys lively life, and proposes products and coordination that allow you to express your “personality” with colors that look good on your face and patterns that match changes in your body shape.

Aeon’s ethical fashion brand “SELF+SERVICE”, which proposes “a gentle life in nature”, is a brand that allows you to participate in ethical things while enjoying fashion in order to realize a sustainable society.


They sell women’s fashion and miscellaneous goods that use eco-friendly materials such as organic cotton and recycled materials, and carry out initiatives such as clothing collection.


Their store, located near Yokohama Business Park, proposes business styles that leave a good impression, such as “premium cotton dress shirts” and ties made of high-quality materials, based on the theme of “precise style and casual high quality”.

In addition, they have set up a “style order” for custom-made suits, and it will make an original suit with attention to detail such as fabrics, silhouettes, and types of bottoms.

In the innerwear section, they will develop valuable items that are particular about comfort. In addition to Topvalu products such as functional innerwear “PEACE FIT” series and recovery wear “Celiant”, we also have trendy lingerie and legwear.


Equipped with the latest baby rest room, “Kids Republic” where you can go shopping with more peace of mind

Based on the concept of “creating people who create the future,” they support local child-rearing with a specialized product lineup and services ranging from maternity and baby products to elementary school graduation. In the kids section, it has a wide range of school supplies.

Kids Republic

In addition to innerwear, indoor shoes, and rain gear, they will strengthen development to meet demand, such as school bags and swimwear. It aim to have a product lineup that fully meets the needs of schools so that we can become a store where you can find everything you need.

In kids apparel, in addition to proposing active fashion mainly from sports brands, they will develop popular Aeon girls’ clothing brands “LOVERBBY”, “JESSY LOGAN” and “BLING GIRLS Bling Girls”. The hobby section will have a large corner for “LEGO” and “Tomica/Plarail”, as well as a sales section for early childhood education toys such as care dolls.

Kids Apparel

At the stroller sales floor, the popular German brand “cybex” will be available.

In addition, items that are not available in stores can be ordered using a mobile device, and we will enhance our digital product lineup to meet customer needs.

The maternity and baby underwear/wear section sells 100% organic cotton underwear and infant wear. At the baby food and daily necessities sales floor, they has a wide range of eco-friendly products such as organic baby food and snacks.

Baby Rest Room

The “Baby Rest Room”, which can be used for breastfeeding and changing diapers, will also be reborn. There are 4 nursing rooms with space for strollers, and one of them is a family nursing room that can be used by families. Men can also use some of the private rooms, and the entire resting room is a genderless environment that is easy for both men and women to use.

Baby Rest Room

In addition, the private rooms are locked so that you can use them with peace of mind, and you can check the availability at the entrance or on the “Kids Republic App”.

A one-stop specialty store that responds to local needs, including product sales, restaurants, and clinics

Hoshikawa Station and Tennocho Station, which are the nearest stations to the hotel, are about 5 minutes to Yokohama Station, making it a popular residential area close to downtown Yokohama. Aeon Tennocho Shopping Center has a “cafe & restaurant” and a food court that everyone from families to singles want to use every day. In addition, there will be shops specializing in Japanese and Western sweets, large-scale shops such as MUJI and UNIQLO, and lifestyle miscellaneous goods such as LAKOLE and Bleu Bleuet.

In addition, there are shops that support hobbies such as “PETEMO” for pet supplies, “CAMP DEPO” for camping goods, and “Miraiya Bookstore”. In the clinic area on the 3rd floor, there will be clinics that support pre-symptomatic care and disease prevention, including endoscopic examinations.

1F Café & Restaurant and Sweets Specialty Store

Starbucks is a specialty coffee store born in Seattle, USA. You can enjoy a wide variety of drinks, pastries, sandwiches, such as espresso drinks such as “Starbucks Latte”, frappuccino® with dessert feeling, tea, etc.

Through a cup of coffee, they provide people-to-people connections and heartwarming moments.

Italian Kitchen VANSAN
Italian Kitchen VANSAN

You can casually enjoy authentic Italian cuisine, including homemade fresh pasta and stone oven pizza.

They will prepare a lineup that you can enjoy with your eyes and tongue, such as “THE Carbonara” that is finished by entwining it in a parma cheese bowl, and “Italian gelato freshly squeezed Mont Blanc” that you can see the moment of raw squeezing in front of you.

It has been half a century since it was founded in Yokohama. At Marusyuen, which has its own factory in Shizuoka and has been making tea from scratch with farmers, in addition to selling Japanese tea and seaweed, they will prepare matcha sweets using matcha that is particular about the tea house.

They aim to create a living space where you can feel relieved through tea.

Italian Kitchen VANSAN

2F Lifestyle & Fashion


They sell high-quality casual wear that makes daily life richer and more comfortable. It is not the clothes that have individuality, but the individuality of the person who wears it. UNIQLO believes so. Their clothes are made based on the values of the wearer, not the creator.

As the first UNIQLO store in Hodogaya Ward, they offer a wide range of men’s, women’s, children’s and baby products so that many customers can enjoy themselves. Sales floors that are close to local life and kind and courteous sales staff are looking forward to your visit.


Comfortable clothing and food made with carefully selected ingredients. And it is a store that has everything for daily life, from simple and functional stationery to furniture that is easy to use. It will be the first store in Hodogaya Ward, and will offer a nearly full lineup of cosmetics, care products, kitchen products, laundry and cleaning products, stationery, and food.

In addition to selling products, they aim to become a “community center” that is useful to everyone in the community.


lifestyle miscellaneous goods


LAKOLE is a lifestyle brand that develops household goods, women’s apparel, and men’s apparel based on the concept of “making the ordinary great.”

They want to make clothes, household goods, and other daily necessities easier and more beautiful. * They also plan to develop groceries (processed foods).

Bleu Bleuet

The concept of Bleu Bleuet is “a nice local shop”. They mainly have household goods and fashion goods that make you feel comfortable and feel comfortable at any time.

They also carry a lot of Blue Blue original products, and its a shop that helps you enjoy every day.

Bleu Bleuet

“3COINS” is a grocery store that helps you find something new every time you visit. They have products such as kitchens, baths, interiors, socks, accessories, etc., with basic designs, fashionable and trendy designs.

At “3COINS”, they think about “sustainability” that is familiar to us. They named it “TUDUKU PROJECT” with the meaning that the world’s “little happiness” will continue.

They deliver products that use environmentally friendly materials and products that can be used repeatedly.


Fulfilling Hobbies

PETEMO is a pet specialty store that offers comprehensive services related to pets, such as pet supply sales, grooming salons, and pet hotels.

With a brand statement of “Happiness, greatness, and always together,” we support the healthy and happy lives of our customers and their pets with our highly specialized knowledge and technology, and our love for pets.

At the store, we also have original products based on the product brand concept of “Slightly good things, today and tomorrow.”


In response to the diversification of pet life and the growing health consciousness of pets, we are committed to providing high-quality products at affordable prices so that customers can use them every day.

Miraiya Bookstore

As a convenient bookstore in the city that delivers the fun and richness of “living with books”, they mainly sell general books (literary books, comics), and also have a wide range of learning genres (business, study reference books).

They will make it a bookstore where you can be satisfied without having to go all the way. They aim to be a bookstore that is useful to the community and loved by their customers by providing “learning” to their daily lives, “color” to their lives, and “richness” to the future.

Miraiya Bookstore

CAMP DEPOT, which opened its first store in Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture in September 2020 as a specialty store that mainly handles camping equipment, sells camping gear, related apparel items, in-store demonstrations, outdoor event participation, etc. , The concept is to experience “unusual everyday life” through the activity of camping.


In the store, they will also accept tent setup experiences and camping gear lectures, and develop it as a place where you can experience the charm and fun of camping.

3rd Floor Clinic Area

In the clinic area on the 3rd floor, there are three clinics: gynecology “Aya Clinic for Women”, gastroenterology “Yokohama Miyamoto Internal Medicine / Endoscopy Clinic Hodogayain”, and pediatrics “Caps Clinic Tennocho”.

Along with the “AEON pharmacy” on the first floor of the same building, it will provide the convenience of one-stop “hospital visits, prescriptions, and shopping”.

3rd Floor Food Court “Karugamo Kitchen”

The 3rd floor food court “Karugamo Kitchen” has about 500 seats, and in addition to the famous Yokohama restaurant “Hamaburg” and “Tanrei Ramen Tsuchinotomi”, the famous udon restaurant “Kagawa Ippuku”, ingredients and Eight stores will open, including Otoya, a popular set meal restaurant that is particular about in-house cooking.

Hamaburg born in Yokohama. They will move from the original store and open a store in the food court for the first time.

You can enjoy a juicy hamaburg steak with plenty of gravy on a hot iron plate together with plenty of Napolitan, their pride. They also have 5 types of hamaburger sauce.


“Tanrei Ramen Tsuchinotomi”, which has its main store in Noge-cho, Yokohama, offers ramen such as “Tanrei Soy Sauce, Tanrei Salt” in a clear soup made with duck, chicken bones, and whole Oyama chicken. .

Along with the opening of the food court, they will develop new flavors that suit the tastes of a wide range of age groups, from rich flavors using dried sardines, back fat, and oyster oil to ramen with a refreshing taste.

Supporting “sustainable shopping” with environmentally friendly sales floors and products

“How to choose to change the future” Proposing environmentally friendly products

Considering the future from shopping, we have a lineup of products created from a sustainable perspective so that you can make choices that have less impact on the global environment. In addition to developing Loop, a recycling platform that collects used containers and uses them repeatedly, we will also develop the Topvalu Vegetive series of plant-derived products that are friendly to the environment and health.


They also offer internationally certified “MSC” and “ASC” products for marine products produced in properly managed fisheries and aquaculture. It will also develop environmentally friendly products that can be easily incorporated into our daily lives, such as labelless beverages that help reduce single-use plastics and products that use biomass materials as part of the packaging film.

The sales floor environment is also “sustainable”

They will introduce equipment compatible with CO2 refrigerants, which is highly effective in reducing CO2 emissions, in refrigerated and frozen food sales floors. Reduces CO2 emissions by approximately 50% compared to conventional equipment.

The sales floor environment is also “sustainable”

In addition, some of the equipment and product display stands in the building use wood that has received FSC certification, which is an international certification for forest conservation.

A new form of community that connects with local residents in a variety of settings

Offer “Aeon Aeon Net Super at Home” (scheduled to start on October 25)

Aeon Tennocho Shopping Center will develop “Aeon Net Super at Home” where products ordered from a smartphone or computer will be delivered from the store to your home.

They set a delivery area centering on the entire area of Hodogaya Ward, and from 10:00 am to 20:00 pm *We will deliver at the time specified by the customer.

Aeon Net Super at Home

They have a lineup of daily necessities that are convenient for your life, such as fresh food, frozen food, and prepared foods, as well as toilet paper and disposable diapers. You can use it conveniently when you don’t have time to stop by the store for work, childcare, nursing care, etc. *Delivery time is tentative.

Aeon Net Super

The Aeon Tennocho also offer a “pick-up!” service that allows customers to pick up products at the store at a time that is convenient for the customer, as long as it is within the specified time. It is also possible to pick up the products ordered at “AEON Net Super” without leaving the car.

In addition, you can pick up your items at the dedicated counter in the store or in the lockers installed in the store. This helps shorten shopping time for busy customers.

Proposal of “AEON same-day delivery” for customers on foot or by bicycle

The area around Aeon Tennocho Shopping Center has many hilly roads, and for elderly people and customers who come to the store on foot or by bicycle, Aeon’s same-day delivery service delivers products purchased at the store to their homes. They will expand the delivery time zone for neighboring areas.


For example, products purchased at the service counter by 9:30 am can be delivered between 10:00 and 13:00.

Continuing mobile sales that were in operation at the old store (scheduled to start in April 2023)

As part of shopping support, mainly for the elderly, they will develop mobile sales. Sales locations will be determined mainly in the areas where AEON STYLE Higashi-Totsuka is taking over and where there are many elderly people and those who find daily shopping inconvenient.

Mobile Sales

The Minami Kanto Company (operates AEON in Chiba, Tokyo, Kanagawa, and Yamanashi) operates mobile sales at 5 stores in Chiba Prefecture and 2 stores in Kanagawa Prefecture, operating at 130 locations. Approximately 600 items, including perishables such as vegetables, meat, and fish, side dishes, sweets, beverages, and daily necessities, will be loaded onto trucks. They accept orders for products that are not loaded at the time of sale so that they can be handed over at the next mobile sale.

In addition, according to the customer’s request, they will also carry out “order listening” to bring the store’s product lineup, including clothing and household items sold at the store.

Digital Signage Information Transmitting Local Information with “Wagamachi NAVI”

Until now, they has valued our relationship with the local community, such as holding events in collaboration with Hodogaya Ward and the police station, and participating in festivals at nearby shopping districts.

They will continue to introduce digital signage “Wagamachi NAVI” that transmits useful information for local life, such as administrative information and regional information, as one of the means of cooperating with local residents and transmitting information.

Wagamachi NAVI

You can view local information such as news from Hodogaya Ward and local governments.

Aeon Cheers Club, which aims for the healthy development of children through environmental conservation activities

Aeon has formed the Aeon Cheers Club at each store to provide a place for environmental learning and hands-on experience for children from the first grade of elementary school to the third grade of junior high school. Children living in the vicinity of their stores gather to participate in various environmental activities with the support of Aeon employees. They are planning to recruit members to participate in their shop and form an “AEON Cheers Club”.

Aeon Cheers Club

Aeon’s Environmental Conservation and Social Contribution Activities “Aeon Hometown Forest”

At the opening of a facility, Aeon conducts the Aeon Hometown Forests Program, planting saplings of hometown trees that grow naturally in the area on the premises and nurturing them with care. In this Aeon Tennocho Shopping Center, they will plant about 1,400 trees such as Hodogaya Ward’s tree “Shiinoki”, “Camellia”, “Gardenia” and “Sasanqua”.

“Dementia Supporters” support customers with dementia and the elderly

Aeon is working on initiatives to support dementia so that employees can deepen their understanding of dementia and take appropriate measures so that as many customers as possible can spend their time comfortably at stores.

At their store, with the cooperation of the Hodogaya Ward Regional Comprehensive Support Center, about 300 employees will take the Dementia Supporter Training Course. They support customers with dementia, the elderly, and their attendants.


List of 42 Specialty Stores


  • 1. Starbucks | Specialty Coffee Store
  • 2. Sushiro | Conveyor Belt Sushi
  • 3. Gyoza King | Chinese Cuisine
  • 4. Italian Kitchen VANSAN | Italian
  • 5. Maruhyuen | Japanese tea and Japanese sweets | New store, local company
  • 6. Ginza Cozy Corner | Western Sweets
  • 7. Mister Donut | Donuts
  • 8. QB HOUSE | Haircut
  • 9. NOB HAIR DESIGN | Hair Salon | Local Company
  • 10. Hoken Momoka | Insurance
  • 11. Mr. Minit | Shoe Repair/Key Duplication
  • 12. Pony Cleaning | Cleaning
  • 13. AEON Bank | Bank


  • 14. MUJI | Household Goods, Clothing, Food
  • 15. UNIQLO | Men, Women, Kids, Babies
  • 16. 3COINS+plus | Uniform miscellaneous goods/life miscellaneous goods
  • 17. JINS | Glasses
  • 18. PETEMO | Living and pet products
  • 19. Miraiya Bookstore | Books
  • 20. LAKOLE | Ladies’/Men’s/Household Goods
  • 21. BLUE BLUE | Fashion goods, life miscellaneous goods
  • 22. DOUX SAC’S | Bags, leather accessories, miscellaneous goods
  • 23. PARIS MIKI | Glasses and Hearing Aids
  • 24. Orange Dentistry/Orthodontic Dentistry Aeon Tennocho | Dentistry


  • 25. CAMP DEPOT | Outdoor and camping equipment | First exhibition
  • 26. DAISO | Uniform Goods and Household Goods
  • 27. Molly Fantasy | Amusement
  • 28. TOYS SPOT PALO | Capsule toy
  • 29. Clothes Repair SANWA | Clothes Repair
  • 30. Studio Mario | Children’s Photo Studio
  • 31. Seiha English Academy | Children’s English Conversation Class
  • 32. Aya Clinic for Women | Gynecology | New store/local company
  • 33. Yokohama Miyamoto Internal Medicine/Endoscopy Clinic Hodogayain | Internal Medicine/Gastroenterology
  • 34. Caps Clinic Tennocho | Pediatrics

3F Food Court “Karugamo Kitchen”

  • 35. McDonald’s | Hamburger
  • 36. Hamaburg | Hamburger | New store, local company
  • 37. Otoya | Japanese Restaurant
  • 38. Tanrei Ramen Tsuchinotomi | Ramen | New store, local company
  • 39. Kagawa Ippuku | Udon | First store
  • 40. Nagasaki Champon Ringer Hut | Champon Sara Udon
  • 41. Kentucky Fried Chicken | Fried Chicken
  • 42. Thirty One Ice Cream | Ice Cream

Stores are subject to change. Please check the official website before visiting.

Build Outline

Name: Aeon Tennocho Shopping Center
Anchor Store: Aeon Style Tennocho
Address: 3-5 Kawabecho, Hodogaya Ward, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture 240-0001
Opening: Tuesday, October 18, 2022
Building: Steel structure, 3 floors above ground, 1 floor below ground (rooftop and underground parking lot)
42 Stores
Parking: Approximately 520 (Rooftop: approx. 290, Basement: approx. 230)
about 350
Hours: Food 8:00~22:30
Clothing and household goods 9:00~22:00
Aeon Pharmacy (dispensing pharmacy) 9:00~21:00
Specialty store 10:00~21:00
*Some sales floors have different business hours.
*The business hours of specialty stores vary depending on the store.
WWW: Official Site (Coming Soon)


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