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Saitama Prefecture Local Guide Biz

Saitama Prefecture Local Guide Biz is a website that introduces information about Saitama Prefecture in a directory format. This site provides information about restaurants, stores, companies, organizations, exhibitions events, famous sightseeing spots, demonstration experiments. It is an information site that supports the Saitama’s local community by providing information. Now, we are looking for volunteers to work with us!

Saitama Prefecture, which celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2021, belong with the metropolitan area (Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, Chiba, Ibaraki, Gunma, Tochigi, Yamanashi) and has a population of 7.35 million (2019), and it boasts the 5th largest population in Japan. Saitama’s GDP in fiscal 2019 was 22,739.4 billion yen in real terms, showing economic growth at an increase rate of + 0.5% compared to the previous fiscal year. The breakdown of the prefecture’s gross domestic product is that the manufacturing industry accounts for about 1/4 (22.7%), followed by the real estate industry (16.4%) and the wholesale / retail industry (10.7%), and these three industries are occupying half of the total production.

Saitama Prefecture boasts the third largest number of manufacturing establishments in Japan with 10,777 establishments (results of the 2019 Industrial Statistics Survey), and has strengths in such industrial clusters and advanced industrial fields where international competitiveness is expected. In addition, Saitama has an excellent access environment for the highly convenient railway network (228 stations, 8 operators, 24 lines) and transportation network (Ken-O Expressway, Gaikan Expressway, Kanetsu Expressway, Tohoku Expressway, Joban Expressway, Metropolitan Expressway) in the metropolitan area.

In terms of tourism (including business trips), the prefecture has the largest number of visitors (2019: 43.38 million), which ranks third among 47 prefectures as domestic destinations. The number of foreign visitors to Japan is also in the top 3 with 10.485 million (2019) in 3rd place out of 47 prefectures. Details of this data can be found here.

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To support SDGs activities of companies and organizations in Saitama Prefecture with SDGs partners!

Saitama Prefecture was selected as the “SDGs Future City” on May 21, 2021. In order for citizens of the prefecture, groups and companies to work on the SDGs, they have created the “Saitama SDGs” logo mark, and they are also working on the “Saitama Prefecture SDGs Partner“.

This partner program solicits partner registration from companies and organizations in the prefecture that are implementing SDGs initiatives, promotes concrete efforts to achieve SDGs, enhances the value of companies, etc., and strengthens their competitiveness. The purpose is to promote the “Saitama SDGs” promoted by the prefecture together.

According to the Saitama Prefecture Questionnaire Survey, 68.6% of the respondents said that they had a good impression of the companies and organizations working on the SDGs. Regarding the intention to use their products and services, 14.5% said they would like to use them positively and 52.2% said they would like to use them if they had the opportunity. In total, more than half 60% (66.7%) answered that they would like to use them.


The logo design expresses the abundant water and greenery of Saitama Prefecture, and is designed so that the citizens of Saitama can feel familiar with it.

Municipalities selected as SDGs Future Cities in Saitama

Among the municipalities in Saitama Prefecture, Saitama City, Kasukabe City, and Saitama Prefecture have been selected as SDGs Future Cities. As of August 2021, no municipalities in the prefecture have been selected for the local government SDGs model project.

The SDGs Future City is a project started in 2018 by the Government of Japan to promote SDGs activities to local governments. From the cities and regions that are promoting efforts in line with the SDGs philosophy, regions and organizations with high potential for sustainable development in the three aspects of economy, society, and environment are selected.

Events related to SDGs and companies contributing to SDGs

SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)

Measures of Saitama Prefecture Environment Department

The Saitama Prefecture Environment Department is working to promote efforts for nine of the 17 goals of the SDGs, improve the sustainability of corporate management, and solve environmental problems.

If a company / organization that is engaged in SDGs meets the requirements of the prefecture, they have a system “Saitama Prefecture Environmental SDGs Initiative Declaration Company System” that introduces and supports information on the company / organization on the prefecture’s website.

Saitama Prefecture’s Growth and Infrastructure Industry Zone

In 2014, Saitama Prefecture started the “Advanced Industrial Manufacturing Project” that integrates cutting-edge research seeds from universities and research institutes with the excellent technology of companies to provide integrated support for practical application, commercialization, and entrepreneurs. Saitama Prefecture has positioned the five fields of “advanced materials,” “medical care, healthcare,” “robots, AI, IoT,” “new energy,” and “aviation, space, and mobility” as priority fields, and is supporting.

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Community development sustainably “Saitama version of Super City Project”

Looking ahead to the super-low birthrate and aging society, we aim to realize “Saitama Prefecture, the easiest place to live in Japan” by taking advantage of characteristics of each area in the prefecture and creating a sustainable community where each citizen can support each other and live their daily lives with minds of content, peace and comfortable.

The three elements to achieve that are 1) building an “attractive base” where necessary functions are concentrated and can relax; 2) realizing a “advanced mutual aid” through the use of new technology; 3) creating a “sustainable community” where everyone can continue to live with peace of mind. For more details about Saitama version of Super City Project.

Various demonstration tests related to Smart City are in progress in Saitama Prefecture

The Cabinet Office, Ministry of Internal Affairs and communications (MIC), Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) had launched “Smart City Public-Private Partnership Platform” since 2019 to accelerate Smart City efforts through public-private partnerships. From Saitama Prefecture, the cities of Saitama, Kamogawa, Kumagaya, Chichibu, Iruma, Wako and the towns of Miyoshi and Moroyama are participating in the project, and various activities such as demonstration test related to Smart City are underway in each area.

Smart City Saitama Model in Saitama City

Saitama City, the most populous city in Saitama Prefecture (1.3 million people in 2020), has set up the “Smart City Saitama Model” and aims to improve the quality of life of citizens to a maximum extent by utilizing advanced technologies such as AI and IoT to provide livelihood support services that solve various social issues in order to make the Misono District, Saitamaʼs subcenter, a microcosm of ideal city.

Smart City Related Clips In The Kanto Region
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Information on community development in Saitama Prefecture and the Kanto area, including Smart City and regional revitalization

Information on community development projects in which companies, organizations, and institutions in Saitama and the Kanto area participate are introduced.

Manufacturing companies that support the economy in Saitama Prefecture

There are approximately 24,000 business establishments in Saitama Prefecture, which is the fifth largest in Japan coming after Tokyo, Osaka, Aichi and Kanagawa. Among them, the manufacturing industry accounts for the highest percentage compared to the Greater Tokyo Area (Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba and Saitama) and the national average, and the number of manufacturing establishments is approximately 10,500, which ranks third in Japan after Osaka and Aichi and it leads to be called “Manufacturing Prefecture”.

The biggest business matching event in the prefecture, “Sai no Kuni business arena”

The “Sai no Kuni business arena”, a business matching event gathering products and services of small and medium-sized companies with excellent technologies, is held every year at Saitama Super Arena. The 2019 event was held over two days from January 30 (Wed.) to 31 (Thu.), with 17,192 visitors and 614 exhibiting companies and organizations, promoting superior technologies, products and services in a variety of industries. Click here for more details!

Saitama Cityʼs Approach to “Manufacturing companies”

Saitama City is home to a large number of manufacturing companies that assume a wide variety of basic technologies such as cutting, processing and plating that support Japanʼs manufacturing, and each has its own strength. Saitama City has drawn up the “Data Book of Manufacturing Companies in Saitama City”, which is consolidated the data of more than 100 such manufacturing enterprises, and has been addressing the support of local companies and industries. In addition, Saitama City has formulated “Saitama Medical Manufacturing Urban Concept” in 2012 to support the new entry and business expansion of R&D-oriented manufacturing companies packed with the city and the region into the medical equipment related field.

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Corporate support, consulting companies, and organizations and institutions

Various associations, organizations and supporting companies that provide services, support and a variety of assistance for business development, start-up and office environment in Saitama Prefecture.

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