Okinawa Prefecture Local Guide Biz

Okinawa Prefecture Local Guide Biz

Okinawa Prefecture Local Guide Biz is a website that introduces information about Okinawa Prefecture in a directory format. This site provides information about restaurants, stores, companies, organizations, exhibitions events, famous sightseeing spots, demonstration experiments. It is an information site that supports the Okinawa’s local community by providing information. This page has been translated with the help of volunteer Kana. Now, we are looking for volunteers to work with us! 日本語は こちらで です。


Okinawa Prefecture, the westernmost prefecture, is the prefecture with the smallest area next to Kagawa Prefecture, Osaka Prefecture, and Tokyo Prefecture. However, the population continues to grow every year (approximately 1,453,000 in 2019), and the birth rate has been ranked first in Japan since 1974. 90% of the population lives on the main island of Okinawa, especially in the central and southern areas around Naha City. Among the 41 municipalities, Naha has the largest population, followed by Okinawa and Uruma.


Okinawa’s GDP is approximately 4,334,369 million yen in real terms, ranking 33rd among the 47 prefectures (2018), and has been on an upward trend since 2014. In terms of industrial structure, primary industries (agriculture, fisheries) account for 4.0%, secondary industries (mining, manufacturing, construction) account for 14.9%, and tertiary industries account for 79.2%. 15.7% for industry and 15.0% for wholesale and retail.


In terms of tourism in Okinawa Prefecture, the amount spent by Japanese on a trip to Okinawa is the highest of the 47 prefectures, at approximately 69,000 yen per person. It is a popular place to visit. The number of tourists has also continued to increase since 2012, reaching 10.29 million in 2019, surpassing 10 million for the first time in a calendar year.
Source: Population, GDP and Tourism

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Okinawa Has Shown Active Interest in SDGs, Especially Among Teenagers

The Okinawa Prefecture SDGs Promotion Headquarters, established on November 29, 2019, will use the Okinawa 21st Century Vision to develop multi-layered elements that overlap with the SDGs. These include the following five future images: 1. An island that values nature, history, tradition, and culture of Okinawa; 2. An island where people can live safely and spiritually rich lives; 3. Hopeful Island; 4. An island of interaction and coexistence open to the world; 5. An island where diverse abilities can be demonstrated and opened up new possibilities for all people in our society.

Okinawa Prefecture is conducting an awareness survey of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) among its residents, to understand the status of its efforts toward these goals and use it for future development. Awareness of the words of the SDGs was highest among teenagers at 52.1%. In addition, Okinawa Prefecture has launched a special website for SDGs (SDGs OKINAWA) which announces related events, introduces initiatives, and recruits business partners who support initiatives working to improve awareness of these goals and promote activities.

The SDGs Future Cities

Okinawa Prefecture was selected by the Cabinet Office for the “SDGs Future City” and “Local Government SDGs Model Project.” Onna Village is making efforts to create a community that is friendly to the natural environment centered on coral (Coral Village Declaration). Ishigaki City has been selected as an SDGs future city and a local government SDGs model project in fiscal 2020.

The SDGs Future Cities are cities and regions that seek to promote basic and comprehensive initiatives in line with the principles of the SDGs and achieve sustainable development through the creation of new value, especially in the three aspects of the economy, society, and the environment. In addition, local government SDGs model projects are selected from projects of local governments that are making leading efforts in SDGs future cities.

SDGs-related events in Kyushu and Okinawa

SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)

Okinawa SDGs Partner

Okinawa Prefecture is working to spread awareness of the SDGs through the “Okinawa SDGs Partner” project. Companies and organizations in the prefecture that are working towards achieving the SDGs are eligible for partner registration, and as of July 28, 2021, 200 companies have been registered.

Registered companies and organizations will be introduced along with case studies and goals on the website.

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