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Hokkaido Prefecture Local Guide Biz is a website that introduces information about Hokkaido Prefecture in a directory format. This site provides information about restaurants, stores, companies, organizations, exhibitions events, famous sightseeing spots, demonstration experiments. It is an information site that supports the Hokkaido’s local community by providing information. Now, we are looking for volunteers to work with us! 日本語は こちらで です。

Tourist Area:

Hokkaido, the northernmost point of the Japanese archipelago, has an area of 83,424 km2, which is the largest of all prefectures, and it is a vast land area equivalent to the size of Austria. Hokkaido is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, the Sea of Japan, and the Sea of Okhotsk, making it one of the world’s leading fishing grounds. Five areas of Lake Toya, Mt. Usu, Mt. It has been. Among them, Mt. Usu and Mt. Apoi are certified as “UNESCO Global Geopark“, and Hokkaido is blessed with nature. The number of visitors from inside of Japan to Hokkaido, where such great nature remains, is about 36.78 million, making it the fifth largest among the 47 prefectures. It is also the 8th most popular destination for foreign visitors (visitor number data source).

Population and Industries:

Hokkaido has a population of approximately 5.25 million, which ranks it 8th among the 47 prefectures (source of population data). The population peaked at about 5.7 million in 1997 and continues to decline today, but Sapporo City is on the rise and concentrated in one place. Hokkaido’s gross domestic product (GDP) is approximately 18,680,727 million yen in real terms, ninth among the 47 prefectures (2018), and has been on an upward trend since 2016. In terms of industrial structure, primary industries (agriculture, fisheries) account for 4.3%, secondary industries (mining, manufacturing, construction) account for 17.2%, and tertiary industries account for 77.6%. 12.3% for industry, 11.0% for real estate, and 10.0% for health and social services.

Contents Zone



北海道は2018年4月25日に知事を本部長とする「北海道SDGs推進本部」を設置。「2030年のあるべき姿」と言う北海道の構想計画の優先タスクに、SDGsを組み込ませた「北海道 SDGs 未来都市計画」を発表し、経済面・社会面・環境面での活動の促進を図っています。また、2018年8月31日に 北海道SDGs推進ネットワーク を立上げ、個人、企業、団体、NPO、教育・研究機関、市町村などを対象に参加を募集し、産学官民の連携で道内各層へSDGs浸透に力を入れています。

普及啓発として、専用の フェイスブックページ を立上げ、SDGsに関する道内のさまざまな取組などを情報配信しています。その他にもチラシ配布、道内企業・団体のSDGsの取組事例集 12 をウェブで紹介。また、産学官民の連携でセミナーやイベントなども開催して、道民や企業のSDGsへの活動向上に取り組んでいます。平成30年に行ったSDGsの認知度に関する 道民意識調査 では、率は、よく知っていた (2.0%) 、少し知っていた (9.5%)、知らなかった (69.9)、無回答 (3.7)% となっています。



北海道 でSDGs未来都市に選ばれた市町村

北海道は初年度 (2018年) に 内閣府 の「SDGs未来都市」に選定されました。その他の県内では、さまざまな行政計画にSDGsを取り入れた札幌市が、SDGs未来都市に選定。「NISEKO生活・モデル地区構築事業」を提案したニセコ町もまたSDGs未来都市と自治体SDGsモデル事業に選定。下川町もSDGs未来都市と自治体SDGsモデル事業に選定され、「下川町SDGs未来都市計画~人と自然を未来へ繋ぐ しもかわチャレンジ」を新たに作成。地域経済の活性化にSDGsを絡めて取り組む上士幌町(かみしほろちょう)もSDGs未来都市と自治体SDGsモデル事業に2021年選定されています。






Hokkaido’s Growth and Infrastructure Industry Zone

Hokkaido’s GDP is 18,786.7 billion yen (FY2018), ranking 9th out of 47 prefectures. Together with the Tohoku region, it amounts to about 60 trillion 780.3 billion yen, and Hokkaido will be towed among them.

In the second phase of the Hokkaido Innovation Comprehensive Strategy, revised in December 2021, as the core of Hokkaido’s countermeasures to reduce the number of people living in urban areas, three projects corresponding to the three components of “town”, “person” and “work”, which form the root of regional creation, and two projects to enhance their effectiveness, have been set up and deployed.

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