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ECOLOGIC to develop ecotourism

Ecologic is a travel agency located in Fujinomiya City, Shizuoka Prefecture, which develops ecotourism businesses in Japan and overseas that incorporate the unique charms of the region, such as the natural environment and historical culture. Through ecotourism, we support the development of ecotourism not only in Fujinomiya, but also in countries around the world, with the mission of “protecting the world’s diverse natural environments, local cultures, and the dignity of people.”

Mr. Masanori Shintani, the representative of Ecologic, was the first Japanese person to be involved in ecotourism projects on the island of Hawaii, and is also one of the pioneers of ecotourism in Japan. He has worked as an eco tour guide and consultant in Japan and overseas, and established Ecologic in 2008. By March 2021, he is supporting developing countries in 14 countries as an ecotourism expert at international organizations such as JICA.

Hawaiian nature

Hawaiian nature

In addition, this company has supported the development of Mt. Fuji inbound eco tours in Fujinomiya City, Shizuoka Prefecture, and opened “Mt. Fuji Satoyama Vacation” in March 2021. This is a glamping eco tour that provides a higher quality eco tour at the foot of Mt. Fuji to people in Japan and around the world. You can enjoy the seasonal scenery of Mt. Fuji and Satoyama, and enjoy glamping in a luxurious private facility with the theme of Sustainable Tourism. It also offers a variety of eco tours and is highly regarded around the world.

Private cafeteria complete with resort shower

Private Glamping

In 2018, he was awarded the 2018 Minister of the Environment Award “Japan Ecotourism Grand Prix Special Award” in recognition of his activities. Mr. Shintani, the representative of Ecologic, was also selected as the representative of Japan in the world-famous tourist guidebook Lonely Planet: Sustainable Escape. He was also named one of Australia’s Traveller 2019 ’31 People Who Will Change the World through Tourism’.

Ecologic Business Overview

Aiming for a sustainable society, Ecologic provides ecotourism development support and interpretation (tourist guide) training in countries around the world, as well as inbound ecotours, glamping, and SDGs training in Mt. Fuji and Fujinomiya.

Ecotourism Development Support

The company provides the following services in cooperation with various stakeholders such as local residents, government agencies, researchers, and NGOs. Tourism development support such as formulation of tourism master plans and guidelines, discovery of tourism resources, human resource development, guide training, planning and development of regional sightseeing tours, inbound tour planning, facility design, exhibition design, and teaching material creation.

Hawaii Nature

Interpretation Training

Interpretation is a communication technique that leaves a lasting impression. It is a guiding technique that conveys the important message behind it through explanations, exhibits, educational materials, books, etc., and provides people with enjoyment, excitement, and awareness. This method is widely used as an effective technique in various fields, and Ecologic conducts interpretation training not only in Japan but also around the world.

Unforgettable trip

SDGs Training

Ecotourism and sustainable tourism provided by Ecologic are linked to all 17 SDGs. Training targets include short-term overseas dispatches and English training for employees, and English-language training centered on interpretation for university students in Japan and overseas. As for training facilities, his SDGs training (Japanese or English) is held at Mt. Fuji Satoyama Vacation upon request.

SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)

Mt.Fuji Inbound Eco Tour

Mt. Fuji is a symbol of Japan and is highly valued for its intangible values such as Japanese mountain worship, view of nature, and cultural significance. The local ecological logic communicates the nature of Mt. Fuji and the intangible cultural value of Fujinomiya to the world, acting as an interpreter of the hearts of the local people.

Mt. Fuji Inbound Eco Tour

Mt. Fuji Satoyama Vacation

Private glamping provided by Ecologic where you can enjoy the seasonal views of Mt. Fuji and Satoyama. The glamping we are aiming for is not a resort that brings in the city life surrounded by gorgeous furniture, but the theme is “harmony”, “human harmony” and “Japanese harmony”. Click here for details.

Bell tent decorated with local crafts
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