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Rakuho-Dou – Offer shoes for your feet health

Rakuho-Dou Inc. is a shoe store that sells health-conscious shoes based in Takasaki City, Gunma Prefecture. Established in 1997 by Rakuho-Dou with the concept of “thinking about health from the feet up”.

Shoe specialists, prosthetists, and physiotherapists who have learned the German “orthopedic shoe technique” will select shoes and make custom-made insoles that suit each individual. Of course, after-sales care is also substantial, so you can get shoes that you can use for a long time.

Rakuho-Do Takasaki Shop

Rakuho-Dou Takasaki Main Shop

Different from other shoe stores, they offer a service that considers your feet

The way Rakuhodo sells shoes is different from other shoe stores. For example, in an optician’s case, the products for the eyes are the frames and lenses of the glasses. The lenses are adjusted to your vision and the frames are adjusted to fit your lenses and your face and nose.

At Rakuhodo, the eyes are the feet and the frame is the shoes. And the lens becomes the insole. Custom-made insoles are manufactured by adjusting the insoles according to each person’s different foot shape.

Shoe Insole

Rakuho-Dou manufacture made-to-order insoles with various materials and thicknesses to match various shoes such as walking, running, and business scenes.


Rakuho-Dou manufacture made-to-order insoles according to various problems such as bunions, flat feet, and sole pain.

Rakuho-Dou Takasaki Main Store – Complete with a studio in addition to the sales floor

The Rakuho-Dou Takasaki main store has a wide range of shoes for women, men, children, and sports shoes in a spacious store where you can relax and choose your shoes. A “master of finding shoes that fit” will carefully measure and analyze your feet and carefully support you in choosing shoes. They also manufacture custom-made insoles for choosing shoes that match the shape of your feet.

In addition, they have a treatment room for German-style foot care “Freslege” and a studio for yoga and Pilates lessons, so you can feel free to consult us about the health of your feet and shoes.

Check Shoe

Experts check each part in detail to ensure that the shoes fit your feet.

Check Walking

Rakuho-Dou analyze your gait, balance, etc., and choose the shoes and insoles that are perfect for you.

Measuring Foot

A “footprint” is created by copying the pressure on the sole and the shape of the arch of the foot onto special paper.

Order made Insole

Specialists, who have learned German orthopedic shoe technology, carefully produce each shoe.

Rakuho-Dou Official Videos


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Rakuho-Dou declared SDGs in September 2022

In September 2022, Rakuho-Dou endorsed the SDGs advocated by the United Nations and announced the “Rakuhodo SDGs Declaration” with the support of Ashikaga Bank.

The introduction of sustainable materials in product manufacturing is extremely costly and hurdles are high, but Rakuho-Dou have declared that company will “contribute to the realization of a sustainable society” so that their efforts will be highly evaluated.

Rakuho-Dou’s SDGs initiatives are divided into four groups: human rights/labor, environment, products/services, and organizational structure. And they contribute to goals No.3, 4, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13 and 16. Click here for details

Rakuho-Do SDGs Declaration

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