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Minami-Alps Tatenuma MTB Park – Japan’s largest free MTB park

Minami Alps Tatenuma MTB Park is Japan’s largest mountain bike park open to the public free of charge, located in Hiraoka Chubu, Minami Alps City, Yamanashi Prefecture, in the Chubu region. There are eight beginner-to-intermediate trails ranging from 168m to 850m.

With a total length of about 3 km and an area of about 7 hectares (70,000 m²), it is more than five times the size of the Tokyo Dome stadium.

8 beginner-to-intermediate trails

It is a course that everyone from children to adults can enjoy. The park is managed and operated by General Incorporated Association Minami-Alps Yamamoribito (2828 Hiraoka, Minami-Alps City, Yamanashi Prefecture).

Minami-Alps MTB's Official Videos


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Convey the charm of Yamanashi and MTB at Minami-Alps Tatenuma MTB Park!

This Southern Alps Tatenuma MTB Park was created by the volunteers of the Southern Alps Mountain Bike Fan Club, which consists of approximately 140 people run by the Minami-Alps Mountain Guardians.

Aiming to popularize mountain biking (MTB), this park has developed a trail course for beginners, children, and families to enjoy, and has been open to the public free of charge since November 22, 2021. It is one of the largest mountain bike parks in the country.

Through this Southern Alps Tatenuma MTB Park, we are working to spread the charm of the nature of the Southern Alps of Yamanashi Prefecture, the charm of the local area, and the charm of MTB to outdoor enthusiasts and MTB enthusiasts inside and outside the prefecture.

Anyone can enjoy it, including mothers and children

Anyone can enjoy it, including mothers and children

Minami-Alps Tatenuma MTB Park

Experience nature at Minami-Alps Tatenuma MTB Park

Minami-Alps Tatenuma MTB Park is perfect for beginners and families!

Minami-Alps Yamamoribito is an organization that has been active for nine years with the aim of popularizing MTB in Japan. One of the biggest reasons why MTBs are not popular in Japan is that there are few beginners and families who make up the bottom layer of the pyramid in the Japanese MTB market. Only when there is an environment where anyone can casually enjoy MTB can MTB become a prefectural-level sport and a national sport.

Minami-Alps Tatenuma MTB Park was opened as “a trail that everyone, including beginners and families, can enjoy without hesitation, recognized by the region and the government.” It is an initiative that will be an advanced example in Japan, and we believe that it will greatly contribute to the spread of MTB in Japan in the future.

Complete with 7 beginner and 1 intermediate courses

Complete with 7 beginner and 1 intermediate courses

Experience the thrill of experiencing nature on your own

Experience the thrill of experiencing nature on your own

Characteristics of Tatenuma MTB Park

The Minami Alps Tatenuma MTB Park is unique in that it is the largest free-to-use MTB park in Japan. The 8 trails (MTB course) are about 3 km long and cover an area of about 7 hectares (70,000 m²), which is about 5 times larger than the ground area of Tokyo Dome (13,000 m²).

Ground area of Tokyo Dome: 13,000 m²

This course was developed by the Minami-Alps Mountain Bike Club, which consists of about 140 people. This organization has been working on local history, culture, nature and sustainable trail development since 2013, and is also making efforts to contribute to his SDGs such as maintenance of forests and mountain trails and community contribution activities.

SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)

This park does not have a resident manager. We believe that people who enjoy MTB love nature and follow good manners, so we have put up signboards that describe the rules (you can check it on the official website). Please use the park in accordance with these rules. To use the park, please register your user information online in advance.

Locally, the signal conditions for “au” and “Softbank” are poor, so you can’t register for use, so please complete this in advance.

User guide

It’s basically a trail that you can enjoy for free, but it costs money to maintain and manage a trail that you can run safely and enjoyably forever. As the first attempt in Japan to secure such financial resources, we have introduced a “voluntary billing system” in which users decide the amount of money they charge themselves.

Thank you for your cooperation. Click here for the maintenance fee.

Children having fun at Tatenuma MTB Park

On the official page of the Minami-Alps Tatenuma MTB Park, an online bulletin board has been set up so that trail maintenance information can be shared. If you register as a user, you can freely post trail information, and park users can participate in trail maintenance together.

If you are with your child, it will also be an education for nature conservation.

State of trail maintenance

Join the Minami-Alps Mountain Bike Club!

If you enjoy MTB to your heart’s content at Minami-Alps Tatenuma MTB Park, you will fall in love with the Minami-Alps. If you want to have more MTB fun, make MTB friends, or get along with the locals, please join the Minami-Alps Mountain Bike Club!

Minami-Alps Tatenuma MTB Members

Member of the Minami-Alps Mountain Bike Club

  • Unlimited running on a vast trail with a total length of about 15 km

    If you become a member of the club, you can run as much as you want on the vast trail network that the club has developed so far, with a total length of about 15 km and a maximum elevation difference of 1,000 m or more. There are many levels from advanced to beginners.

  • Plenty of rental bikes (regular MTB as well as E-MTB)

    We have many E-MTBs (mountain bikes with electric assist) that climb smoothly on slopes as well as regular MTBs. If you are a member, you can use it at a special price.

  • The club officially launched in 2016 has over 140 members

    We have over 140 diverse members. MTB enthusiasts, those who participate in community activities such as helping out at festivals without riding MTB, and their occupations vary, such as engineers, doctors, and civil servants. If you join, you are sure to meet great friends.

Minami-Alps Tatenuma MTB Park Overview

Name: Minami-Alps Tatenuma Mountain Bike Park
Location: Hiraoka, Minami Alps City, Yamanashi Prefecture
About 30 minutes from Chubu Odan Expressway “Minami Alps IC” Click here for detailed route.
Opening: Always open (but only during the day)
Number of people: About 50 people at the same time
Target: Beginners/Family to Intermediate
Registration: To use the park, it is necessary to register user information in advance.
Entrance Fee: Free. Basically, you can enjoy it for free, but we have introduced a voluntary billing system to maintain and manage the trail. We appreciate your cooperation. Click here for the maintenance fee.
Usage: Things you need to bring in the park include mountain bikes, protective gear such as helmets, gloves, goggles, rainwear, food, drinks, backpacks, and smartphones. We also have rental bikes available. If you would like to rent one, please contact Yamamori by e-mail in advance. Before using, please be sure to check the official website or local signs for precautions, prohibitions, penalties, etc.
Management: General Incorporated Association Minami-Alps Yamamoribito
Contact: minamialps.mtb@gmail.com
WWW: Official Website

Future Developments of Minami-Alps Yamamoribito

This corporation has been working to realize the institutionalization of mountain biking and mountain trails in Japan. First of all, we will realize the institutionalization at Yamanashi Prefecture’s level, and increase the number of light mountain bikers such as beginners and families so that the case can be expanded nationwide.

In addition, we will develop various activities to let many people know the charm of forests and intermountain areas.

Member of the Minami-Alps Mountain Bike Yamamoribito

We aim to build one of the world’s largest trail networks that will also serve as a base for mountain bikers from around the world. With a population of 30 million in the metropolitan area and close proximity to Haneda Airport and Shin-Shizuoka Airport, the Southern Alps area aims to become a MTB mecca as a perfect place for demonstration experiments.

And we will realize true regional revitalization in Japan by mountain bikers.

State of trail maintenance

Minami-Alps Mountain Club is promoting various initiatives as a demonstration business operator of the Japan Tourism Agency’s “Rediscovering the charm of the region to attract new inbound travelers such as adventure tourism in 2021”. For details, please check the Japan Tourism Agency website.

Activities of Southern Alps Mountain Yamamoribito

Minami-Alps Tatenuma MTB Park - YouTuber's Videos


If you want to see a related video list, click or tap the playlist icon displayed at the top of the video screen to display the video list and search for your favorite video.

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