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An organization that comprehensively supports small and medium-sized enterprises in Tokyo

The Tokyo Metropolitan Small and Medium Enterprise Support Center is a public interest incorporated foundation that provides various support projects as a comprehensive and core support organization for small and medium-sized enterprises in Tokyo, and works for the purpose of revitalizing the economy of Tokyo and improving the lives of Tokyo residents. It was established in 1966 by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government as the Tokyo Subcontractor Promotion Association to introduce subcontracting transactions for small and medium-sized enterprises.

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Business contents of the Tokyo Small and Medium Enterprise Support Center

For small and medium-sized enterprises in Tokyo, we provide a wealth of support for all stages of a company, from founding to commercialization (product development, market development, subsidies), succession, and revitalization.

Comprehensive Support Business

  • General consultation business
  • IoT and AI introduction support project for improving productivity
  • Robot introduction and utilization support project
  • Dispatch of experts Business innovation plan approval support project
  • Business such as management training
  • Comprehensive support for securing and training human resources
  • Project to support the strengthening of corporate power through the development of management human resources
  • Commercialization Challenge Dojo (Manufacturing Innovation Company Creation Dojo)
  • Core human resource development business for productivity improvement
  • Data utilization promotion support project
  • Business feasibility assessment project
  • New market development support project
  • Promotion support business
  • ISO Acquisition Support Business Young merchant training project
  • Support Program for Young and Female Leaders
  • Innovation Tama Support Project
  • Design management support business
  • Traditional craft industry promotion project
  • BCP formulation support
  • Medical equipment industry entry support project
  • Commercialization support business for innovative services
  • SME R&D collaboration support project for disaster-stricken prefectures

Business succession/revitalization support business

  • Business succession/revitalization support business FAQ
  • Strategic Business Succession Seminar/Business Succession Cram School

Promotion business for subcontractors, etc.

  • Subcontracting business promotion business
  • Business opportunity provision business

Industry and Trade Center

  • Hamamatsuchokan
  • Taitokan

Business start-up support

  • TOKYO founding station
  • Provision of start-up support facilities
  • Business startup activation special support project

Regional industrial promotion project

  • Joto branch office
  • Jonan branch office
  • Tama branch office

Subsidy Business

  • Product development and improvement
  • Exhibition/overseas expansion
  • Equipment introduction
  • Founding

Intellectual Property Utilization Support Project

  • Intellectual property consultation
  • Seminar/Symposium
  • Subsidies for Foreign Intellectual Property Support, etc.
  • Niche top development support
  • Patent attorney matching support
  • Intellectual Property Utilization Commercialization Support Project

Internationalization support business

  • Various consultations on trade practices, overseas information, overseas investment, overseas transactions/contracts, etc.
  • Supporting SMEs challenging overseas expansion
  • Human resource development support
  • Practical support for sales in overseas markets

Corporate Welfare Support Project

  • Welfare Navi
  • Welfare outsourcing – JOYLAND –
  • Holding lectures and seminars for employees of small and medium-sized enterprises
  • Mutual aid business

Information provision, meeting room, etc.

  • Provision of various information
  • Rental of exhibition rooms, conference rooms, etc.

Supporting companies working on SDGs

The Tokyo Small and Medium Enterprise Support Center provides SDGs management promotion business portal to consistently support from the basic content of SDGs management to the realization of actual efforts.

SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)

With the aim of promoting the medium- to long-term growth of small and medium-sized enterprises in Tokyo and improving their corporate value and competitiveness, they support small and medium-sized enterprises in Tokyo who are motivated and interested in SDGs management.

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