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About UDC Shinshu

UDC Shinshu is a center that goes beyond the framework of the government and the private sector and cooperates with various entities involved in the region to support urban development in municipalities. It is an organization composed of “public, private, and academic”, and is a new initiative in which urban design experts are involved from an objective standpoint.

UDC Shinshu: Front View

UDC Shinshu: Front View

UDC Shinshu (Shinshu Regional Design Center), located in Togo Town, Nagano City, Nagano Prefecture, is one of the main initiatives in the “Happy Shinshu Creation Plan 2.0” in the Nagano Prefecture Comprehensive Five-Year Plan (2018~2022), was established in August 2019.

About UDC

This UDC is an abbreviation for Urban Design Center, and it is a platform developed by the UDC Initiative, a general incorporated association, to solve urban development issues through public, private, and academic collaboration and create future-creating urban development. Starting with the Kashiwa-no-ha Urban Design Center (UDCK) in November 2006, by April 2021, UDC bases such as UDC Shinshu will spread to 23 locations nationwide. UDC Shinshu (Shinshu Regional Design Center) was the first in Japan to establish a wide-area UDC covering the entire prefecture.

UDC Shinshu Official Video


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Supporting urban development in municipalities through public-private-academia collaboration

Based on the basic philosophy of “realizing attractive urban development that will continue into the future,” the center is staffed with urban development specialists and prefectural officials. The organization of the center is formed by “public and private studies”, “public” by Nagano Prefecture and UR Urban Renaissance, “private” by various private companies depending on the project, and “academic” by the University of Tokyo and Shinshu University.

This “Public/Private/Academia” approach utilizes our own areas of expertise and networks to support municipal development from a variety of perspectives, such as introducing advanced cases related to community development, dispatching specialists, and proposing wide-area cooperation. In addition, we also conduct “information collection and information dissemination” to share information inside and outside the prefecture.

Happy Shinshu Creation Plan 2.0

Role of UDC in Happy Shinshu Creation Plan 2.0

Support for Urban Development

  • Consultation response, policy planning, implementation support
  • Providing diverse and wide-ranging perspectives
  • Dispatch of advisors, etc.
  • Discovery of urban development seeds, etc.

Development of Urban Development Human Resources

  • Implementation of seminars, workshops, etc.
  • Provision of advanced cases, etc.

Information collection/Information dissemination

  • Dissemination of information on urban development, etc.

Activity base of UDC Shinshu

The UDC Shinshu office is located on the second floor of a 94-year-old former tabi store (former Kaneishi Sohonten), which has been renovated into a bright, calm and comfortable space that utilizes the interior and exterior of the time.

In the room, there are books on urban/town development and materials on the activities of urban development organizations, which can be freely browsed.

UDC Shinshu Room

Inside of UDC Shinshu

Business hours are from 8:30 to 17:15, closed on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. Please note that the door is locked when staff are not present.

UDC Shinshu and Nagano Prefecture’s SDGs Future City Plan

SDGs are taken into consideration in Nagano Prefecture’s Happy Shinshu Creation Plan 2.0 (Nagano Prefecture Comprehensive Five-Year Plan).

Nagano Prefecture, which was selected by the Japanese government as an SDGs future city in 2018, has a plan to promote activities by UDC Shinshu to “create a comfortable, healthy and long-lived town/village.”

This is an initiative that contributes to the promotion of SDGs by local governments, and contributes to Goal 11 of the SDGs, “Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable.”

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