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Korokke no KOROKKE Opened in Aeon Mall Narita!!

The croquette specialty store Korokke no KOROKKE (the croquette shop) was opened on September 22,2021 (Wednesday) at the Clover Food Court in Aeon Mall Narita which would be the first landing in Chiba Prefecture.

Korokke no KOROKKE is a croquette specialty store produced by Korokke Entertainment Foods Co., Ltd., where impersonator comedian Korokke serves as director.

Clover Food Court in Aeon Mall Narita

The Clover Food Court and “Korokke no KOROKKE”, 4 stores were opened at the same time.

So far, Shinkoiwa store (1-54-3 Shinkoiwa, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo), Oyama station square store (4-7 Oyamacho, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo), Osu kitchen car store (3-30-40 Osu, Naka-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi), and the 4th store of Korokke no KROKKE is the Aeon Narita store.

New menus conceived by Korokke are coming one after another!

At the Korokke no KORROKE Aeon Narita store, in addition to the classic “Special Beef Croquette” and “Special Juicy Mince Cutlet”, the “Pumpkin Donut Croquette” released on September 5th and Korokke’s original “Mushroom Gratin Coquette” are available. We have 10 kinds of croquettes such as. Please enjoy the original croquettes that you cannot taste at the other shop.

Special Beef Croquette

Special Beef Croquette

Pumpkin Donut Croquette

Pumpkin Donut Croquette

Set Menu

Set Menu

Original Menu

Original Menu

The contents of the Aeon Narita store menu are as of September 28,2021. The content may also have been updated. Also, the menu may differ depending on the store. Please check in advance.

What kind of shop is Korokke no KOROKKE?

Korokke no KOROKKE is a croquette specialty store that delivers delicious croquettes produced by the impersonator Korokke who boasts wide popularity among men and women of all ages. Korokke, who has a very high awareness of food, is particular about ingredients and taste, and has always pursued truly delicious croquettes that are good for the body. And it was a project that he was thinking of opening a store named after his stage name.

And now that we can’t eat out or go out as much as we want due to this corona wreck, KOROKKE which main business is to entertain people, “I want to bright up the dining table at home even a little, I want to deliver a smile.” Opened a takeout specialty store.

In the future, we aim to open 300 stores throughout Japan as store where you can casually enjoy delicious croquettes full of originality that you cannot taste anywhere else.


A figure that looks just like Mr. Korokke

Korokke no KOROKKE kitchen car

Kitchen car of Korokke no KOROKKE

Korokke no KOROKKE Videos


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