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Korokke, a mimicry entertainer starts FC Business

Korokke Entertainment Foods Co., Ltd. is a company that operates and manages “Korokke no KOROKKE (Croquette Specialty Store)”, operates franchise business, sells food and drinks on the move using stalls and vehicles, and provides catering services. The mimicry talent “Korokke”, who boasts wide popularity among men and women of all ages, is working as a producer.

Korokke no KOROKKE (Croquette Specialty Store)

The head office was established in October 2020 in Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. In addition, “and CROQUETTES” Co., Ltd. was established in Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture in July 2021 as a company that oversees the Aichi, Gifu, Mie, Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, Hyogo, and Fukuoka areas.

Provide service that allows you to keep going with a smile even during the tough times of COVID-19


In the midst of the difficult situation in the restaurant industry and other businesses due to the coronavirus pandemic, the comedian “Korokke” has started a franchise business that can provide delicious croquettes at an affordable price so that everyone can enjoy their dining table. With Corona, the opportunities to enjoy meals at home have increased significantly, and the needs for lunch boxes, take-home To Go services, and food delivery services are increasing.

Photo: A figure that looks exactly like Mr. Korokke, a mimicry entertainer

Director Korokke participates in management and produces everything from product development to presentations

This franchise is to develop “Korokke no KOROKKE” stores centering on local station fronts, shopping streets, downtown areas and event spaces of the members.

The entertainer “Korokke” participates in management as a director and produces everything from product development to presentations, so you can make the most of his topicality and influence. Even if you are new to the food and beverage industry, we will provide you with everything from the provision of properties and kitchen cars to on-site training such as cooking and know-how in restaurant management and operation so that you can be active on the front lines immediately.

Set Menu

At the Shinkoiwa store in Katsushika Ward, Tokyo, which was the first store, there is a line at the store, and the store is doing well, selling 3,000 croquettes a day at peak times.

Korokke no KOROKKE Videos


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Developed a kitchen car with an initial cost of 9.8 million yen

Korokke no KOROKKE’s “kitchen car model” provides back-up for everything from providing a kitchen car to those who wish to open a store, on-site training such as cooking, and store management and operation know-how. With an initial cost of 9,800,000 yen, you will be able to enter the well-known “Korokke no KOROKKE” business* (conditions apply).

They are launching a kitchen car business with the aim of having many people, from children to adults, enjoy a safe and secure mealtime by opening a store in a kitchen car, which is increasingly in demand due to the corona wreck. Please feel free to contact us if you are a new company entering the business, or if you are considering changing the business format at a restaurant, or if you are considering becoming independent as an individual.

Korokke no KOROKKE kitchen car
Kitchen Car with Korokke

Korokke no KOROKKE Kitchen Car Features

  • It is possible to enter FC in “Korokke no KOROKKE”, which is already recognized nationwide and is performing well.
  • Conceived as a business model that can recover investment in two years.
  • You can open a store in an empty space such as a parking lot or event space.
  • You can also move the store location according to the purpose such as an event.

Overview of Korokke no KOROKKE franchise business

A croquette specialty store fully produced by mimicry talent Korokke, it will open at a low risk in a small store with a size of 8 to 15 tsubo and a takeout specialty store. Demand is great as a small gift, and the store’s unique “local croquette” can increase the ability to attract customers. Aeon Narita store, Sugamo store, Katsutadai store, Osu KC store, and IAS Kasugai store have been decided to open one after another.

  • A national food croquette that is unaffected by trends and can be managed stably
  • High ability to attract customers due to the overwhelming name recognition of the talent “Korokke”
  • Minimize risk with less capital & smaller stores
  • High operating profit margin! Achieve early return on investment
  • Easy operation and easy securing of human resources
  • Ideal for corporate new businesses and business format changes for existing stores
  • There is also an opening plan with a kitchen-car

Korokke Entertainment Foods News

The croquette specialty store “Korokke no KOROKKE” will open on September 22, 2021 (Wednesday) at the Clover Food Court in Aeon Mall Narita, the first landing in Chiba Prefecture. Korokke no KOROKKE is a croquette specialty store produced by Korokke Entertainment Foods Co., Ltd., where impersonator comedian “Korokke” serves as director. Click here for details.

Clover Food Court in Aeon Mall Narita

Clover Food Court in Aeon Mall Narita

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